Did U know......

- That I also take commissions? If you like my style and you have a photo that you would like me to paint for you. 

Then send a message to info@debb-art.com with all the required information:                                                         photo itself, your name and email address, shipping address, size of the painting.                                                             I will send you an email back with more information.

- You can also pay with banktransfer. You don't get this option when paying in my store but if let me know which painting you're interested in by sending a message: info@debb-art.com                                                                        Then I will send you a payment request or invoice which can be paid by normal bank.                                                 Like this people without creditcard or PayPal can also buy my work. 

- I recently started a newletter. And it would be great if you sign up. By signing up you will receive information about new paintings in auction, behind the scene, video's, new work in progress and new paintings that are for sale on my website. 

When you sign up for this newsletter, I will thank you by sending a brochure that includes al my paintings from the Exclamation Mark Series and you also receive an extra surprise :)

You can sign up by following this link: